How to buy used pool tables?

Pool is now a very popular game as its popularity increased a lot in the past few decades. More and more people are now playing it. However playing pool in clubs everyday is quite difficult and expensive. If you are a pool lover it's a better option to buy a pool table. New pool tables can be really costly and you may have to spend thousands of dollars for a good quality table. While you are looking for buying a pool table there are many who were willing to sell one as they may have played a lot and are now not that interested in playing or they may be moving or relocating and it is a tough task for them to carry the table.

 A used pool table can be a great option of getting it at a very reasonable price. Some of new pool tables from brands such as brunswick comes at decent prices you can find brunswick pool tables reviews here. A pool table is a very beautiful and attractive piece of furniture and would definitely become the centre of attraction of your home. But while buying a pool table of used condition you must be really careful or else you will be in a very big trouble and this deal could become very costly for you.

Here are some tips to be followed while buying used pool tables.

Check for the manufacturer

It is very important to check for the manufacturer of the table. This assures you about the quality of the table. The manufacturer's name plate can be usually found on the head rail. You can know a lot about the table just from this name plate. You will find the date of manufacturing and hence can have the knowledge of how old the table is, you will also find the place where it was made. Try not to buy tables that are not very old as the woods used may get damaged. Always buy a table of a good brand this makes sure that you are investing in quality furniture. Ask the seller of the table for the original sales receipt. Note the date of purchase and other relevant information.

Make sure you are buying a pool table and not a snooker table

Many people confusingly buy snooker tables rather than pool table as they are almost similar in size. A pool table can be differentiated from a snooker table by looking at the pocket size. Snooker is played with small sized balls as compared to pool and therefore the pockets are also smaller on the other hand a pool table has larger pockets. This is the best way to know whether it's a pool table or not and it ensures that you are not buying a snooker table.

How is the built quality?

A well built table makes sure that it will be with you for a long time. Look at the base of the table for H framework. The frame of the table must be at least one and a half inches thicker or more. The wood used must be plywood or solid wood of good quality and it should be termite proof.

Check the Cloth, Pockets and Rail Cushion Rubber

Different elements of the pool table must be examined carefully when buying used tables.

Cloth of the pool table has to be replaced at regular intervals. With regular use it must be replaced after every one or two year. It also need to checked and replaced it the cloth used is of low quality material. You may have to spend around $250 for a new cloth of good quality and the cost for installing it would be another $100 to $200.

A pocket gets damaged easily because of heavy use and therefore it must be inspected for any wear and tear. Leather pockets get affected by moisture and high temperature and for replacing 6 of them it will cost you around $250 to $500.

Rail cushion rubbers generally have longer life span and can easily last for thirty to forty years. But if the table is stored improperly this could be shorter and may need replacement. Replacing them is not an easy task and is also really costly because it needs to be done by professionals.

Slate bed is very important

Slate bed is necessary for playing a proficient game. It gives consistency and leveled playing surface. There are many imitations for slate out there in the market and hence you have to examine it very carefully. The slate thickness also matters and it should be minimum 3/4 inches. Slate bed should also be made of three parts as single piece slate bed makes moving and relocation of the table very difficult.

Keep in mind that is no guarantee for what you are buying

Once you buy the table from seller all responsibilities are yours and if anything goes wrong only you are going to be responsible for it. The table may be new but as soon as the ownership changes the guarantee becomes void. This is another reason for being very careful when buying used pool tables.

Last but not the least accessories

Buying accessories separately can be quite costly. Always look for tables that come with balls and other necessary things. Be sure to inspect them properly as well. Balls of inferior quality can break after few uses. Balls made of resign are best. One piece cues are not going to work for you as most of them are cracked and broken. Tips of cues can be replaced but repairing anything else would cost more than the original price and hence buying a new one is better choice. You can buy a new cue for $50.


Buying a used pool table is overall a good deal but it may be risky if you are not careful enough. Each and every component of the table must be examined very carefully. If possible take a professional with you when buying so he can do all the related quality checks. It's not advisable to buy a damaged table for a cheap price and then spending thousands of dollars in its repairs.